Volunteer Profiles

Ryan Connors

After 15 years as a Firefighter/Paramedic, I decided to turn my love of computers into a new career in software development. I have always been passionate about technology, but I found myself missing the feeling of helping others. The Red Cross Code4Good team has been the perfect opportunity for me to code, learn, and continue to help others on a top notch team of professionals who also feel called to serve.

Haz Kassomou

I believe in the power of volunteering as a means to alleviate human suffering around the world. We are living in one of the most unprecedented times in human history and that is why I have decided to join the American Red Cross Code4Good team so that I can allocate some of my time and programming skills to making the world a better place for all. I find great satisfaction in writing code that will positively impact the lives of thousands of individuals. It has always been my goal to give back to the community and I thank the American Red Cross Code4Good IT team for providing me with this opportunity.

Jan Rous

I’ve been enjoying a year-long sabbatical pursuing my passion for outdoor adventure. When not at work, I spend most of my time exploring the great outdoors. I have walked the Pacific Crest Trail in 2019 with my partner and my greatest passion is climbing – rocks, snow, ice, walls, peaks – you name it!  As a result, I have very few selfies where I’m not wearing a helmet! And then the Coronavirus struck. While I had already been looking for ethical ways to volunteer, the crisis made it an even bigger priority for me. When I learned about the American Red Cross Code4Good initiative I signed up immediately. In fact, my partner used to volunteer with Red Cross in Austria – she got to drive in the back of the ambulance and help people directly.

I worked for Google for 10 years and have a lot of expertise with massive distributed systems, scaling and reliability and I’m hopeful that I can use this experience to give back and make this world a better place!

Franklin Reynolds

I am currently retired. I have worked as a Software Engineer for approximately 40 years. My last full-time position was Director of Software at Suitable Technologies, a mobile telepresence (robotics) startup. I worked there for a little over 4 years. Before that I spent ~16 years as a senior researcher and architect for Nokia. As a researcher I had a particular interest in distributed, self-organizing systems. Before that I worked at other companies including HP, Apple and the Open Software Foundation. While at Nokia and Suitable I was involved in the use of AWS and since retirement I’ve done a little AWS consulting.  In my early career I did a lot of work on Operating Systems and networking protocols. I was one of the developers on OSF’s micro kernel which was integrated by Apple and eventually became part of MacOS 10. My recent work has had more emphasis on Web Services architecture. I have contributed chapters to a couple of CS books, written some CS conference papers and articles for IEEE magazines and I have a few software patents. 

Bhaumik Mistry

Bhaumik Mistry

 I Joined the Red Cross Code4Good program to give my time, effort and knowledge back to the community. There are very few volunteering opportunities which give you a chance to engage with like-minded, tech-enthusiastic mates who are ready to go above and beyond with their skillset to work and collaborate. It is an honor to be included in an organization like RedCross IT. As the team name says, I want to Code 4(For) Good.

Edward Dupre

Edward Dupre

Paying it forward.  I came to the American Red Cross on opening day of the new RI Office when they were having an open house to celebrate the opening of their new location. I went in, had some pizza, met some people, and never left. At the American Red Cross and Code4Good, I can contribute and learn in a world-class enterprise computing environment.  I really enjoy turning ideas into code, and thus American Red Cross and Code4Good are my gateway to helping others.

Surya Vijaykumar

Surya Vijayakumar

Hi, I am Surya, a Front-End Software Developer with interests in UI design, art and photography. I joined Code4Good to help make the Red Cross resources and services more approachable and accessible to people in need. I am honored to be part of an energetic team of techies working together to fulfill this goal. It is a great opportunity for me to learn, grow and connect with likeminded developers while contributing my technical and problem-solving skills towards the greater good of the society.

Michael Tamaki

Michael Tamaki

Hello, my name is Michael Tamaki! I enjoy developing web applications that are helpful and easy to use. Joining Code4Good has been an exciting opportunity to utilize my technical skills and to learn more about the intersection of technology and social good.

Janelle Boyd

Janelle Boyd

Hi! I’m Janelle, a user interface designer and developer with a strong interest in inclusive & accessible web design. I’m a motivated team player who loves to co-create products & services that make navigating the web easier and more efficient. I joined Code4Good because I have a hands-on mentality and I’m given the opportunity to leverage my current skillset to help those in need while picking up new skills along the way.

Debbie Forbeck

Debbie Forbeck

I am a software engineer with a business management background.  I’m a strong believer in volunteerism and love that I can volunteer by using my technical and business skills to help the greater good within the Code4Good team at the American Red Cross.  I feel I am contributing to something very special within a top-notch organization as I take on projects that both challenge me and help me grow.

Annah Patterson

Annah Patterson

Hi, I’m Annah, a front-end software engineer with experience in project management and teaching. I joined Code4Good to put my skills to work helping humanitarian efforts. I’m a true out-of-the-box thinker who enjoys creating solutions. I’m passionate about creating software that connects people with resources to support those in need.

George W. Jensen III

George Jensen

Code4Good is a great opportunity to support the Red Cross in a way that brings my engineering skills to its Mission delivery.  A career in software development has helped me escape from the risks of having a disadvantaged youth, so I wanted to leverage those skills to help others in need.  It’s also a way to keep learning new skills in a high-profile, challenging technical environment.

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